Take a look at this insightful interview with one of our recent speakers – Anja Kanters from Donkergroen! At the end, a video of her TEDx speech “Intuition never stops, but when do you start listening?” waits for you! 🙂

Who was there with us a couple of weeks ago to see this amazing TEDx talk/a little dance session from Eldridge Labinjo? Show us your thumbs And if you’re not at the point of mental well-being yet, it is time to rewatch!

“How did your TEDx talk go?”
we asked Nathan Vos right after his “How to keep fantastic men alive” speech on the big stage of TEDxFryslân. Take a look at his answer and a bonus advice! 🙂

Take a look at our official after movie of TEDxFryslân 2018!

by Alec Meijerink

Look at all those happy faces of TEDxFryslân 2018 😀 Thank you for being a part of this day and we can’t wait to see you all again next year. 🙂

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This is it! TEDxFryslân 2018 was a big success! This great day would not be possible without the amazing speakers and our volunteers! Thank you so much and see you next year!

Freek Jan Ronner about his talk #TEDxFryslân2018

Eldridge Labinjo about his talk #TEDxFryslân2018

Calm before the storm! LIVESTREAM: https://tedx.frl

Photographer: Dick Bins

A little reminder of the faces that will inspire us on the big TEDxFryslân stage in only 2 days! Who are you most excited to see? Write in the comment below 🙂

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