Stop helping refugees & save humanity

Hooman Nassimi

History is repeating itself: Similar to how the Nazi’s took over the world stage and systematically mass – murdered 6 million individuals, today we are facing a crisis as bystanders and allowing for the enslavement and segregation of “refugees” – we are losing grip on a democratic reality. Hooman Nassimi (born in Iran, raised in Germany, working in NL) is committed to creating an inclusive society both locally and globally. At his social enterprise “Society in Motion”, a multidisciplinary team is working towards the vision of an inclusive society in order to empower newcomers through events and festivals, promote social cohesion and consult on policy and carry out government contracts. In his TEDx talk, he will tackle the problem; how life is good for the rooted (natives) – while in that same country for others, life is a bare-bone fight for survival.