Eva Rutten

Eva Rutten

Duurzaam Leiderschap & HBO docent RetailManagement

Eva Rutten is a Leadership Trainer, speaker (symposia/media), writer, Business Coach, HBO Lecturer in Retail Management, Change Maker, and (trouble) Interventionist, as well as a volunteer. As an individual and a professional, she is concerned about developments in the larger context (the system). Prosperity, nature, and well-being are no longer sufficiently in balance. It requires a new vision, (self) awareness, tools (narrative and business models), and courage to take and provide (personal and organizational) leadership. Sustainable leadership is the goal.

She has implemented change several times herself. Trained as a History teacher, she worked for 25 years in commercial (interim) management positions at large companies (Ahold, Hema, Shell, BP, Disney, Nuon, among others), often in change processes. For the past few years, she has focused on developing sustainable leadership, particularly at the intersection of strategy/organization/team/individual (via the Baak, Vlerick Business School, School for Change, www.DuurzaamLeiderschap.nl, and under her own name). She hopes to inspire people to develop sustainable leadership and take leadership in sustainability.

Eva is affiliated with IDG (Inner Development Goals), a non-profit organization for inner development. Through this, she contributes to the development of inner capacities needed to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as established by the United Nations.

Since 2019, she has been a part-time HBO lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Retail Management at NHLStenden. Using Design Thinking and sustainable topics, she helps working students still obtain their diploma within the work context.

At the SER (Social and Economic Council), Eva is included in the Top Women database for occupying executive/supervisory roles. She does this in various roles within sports, culture, and NGOs. To achieve this, she completed the Commissarissen en Toezichthouders (Commissioners and Supervisors) program at Erasmus.

TEDx talk: “Lead the inner challenge to become more sustainable” Eva takes you on a pragmatic and inspiring journey on how to become a sustainable leader by developing inner challenges. With a mix of personal examples, a theoretical framework, and a healthy dose of perspective.

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