Don't waste food

Daisy Scholte

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Daisy Scholte tells people not to waste food. For her it’s a way of life as well as her job, and she works hard to reach her goals. “Day and night if I have to”, she says. “Nobody asked me to write a book… Nobody paid me to write a book… And nobody warned me how tough it is to write a book. I’m not going to get rich and famous, now my book has been published. I didn’t do it for those reasons. I did it because I care and because I’m passionate about the subject of food waste. I want to share my knowledge and ideas with others, and show everyone that they too can help to decrease food waste. 

In the Netherlands alone we waste around a third of all the food that’s available to us, while people are starving in other parts of the world. The biggest food waste in the Netherlands is domestic food waste. An average Dutch person wastes fifty kilograms of good food every year. I have the tools to help decrease domestic food waste. And it saves you a lot of money too.” 

The TEDTalk that impressed Daisy the most was the one by her brother Michel at TEDxHaarlem.
“I saw him live, of course! He was the only one who didn’t use visuals to support his talk. And he didn’t need that either. From the first second to the last he knew how to captivate the audience.”