Jennifer Ann Fritts

Jennifer talks about:

The role of mantras in life; in relaxation and in health.

Title: Music = Medicine, ‘finding our way home’.


Im bursting with ideas…”


Jennifer seems to be a quiet woman, but she is passionate and energetic. Music is her true love.

She has an open-minded spirit, and says that she lives from her heart. What does she mean by that? “When we learn to listen to the heart and follow that road, everything will be all about that. Then every breath we take is connected to what we do and want. Its a constantly cross-feeding interaction. The more we are aware of this, the more often we can apply it.” According to Jennifer living from your heart or your passion is the only way to make your dreams come true and to keep feeding them. “That way you stay in motion.”


Jennifer is a woman full of ideas. But she admits that that can also be her pitfall. “Sometimes it becomes too much and I can lose my focus.” Not for long, however, because she is a professional. She is convinced that there is a place in this world for her and her work. She has already experienced that her stories from that ‘drive’ inspired people. That way she herself stays in motion, but she also ensures that others start moving and go forward. Her motto is ‘Work hard, play harder.’


If a book about Jennifer would appear, the title would be Spirit Guides And Spirit Moves. “We are spiritual beings, having a human experience. That is what I call spirit. These forces are immense, larger than our human consciousness. It puts us in motion and guides us. That goes for me too.” She feels that this is a driving force in her life.



Born in the USA (1984, Jacksonville, Arkansas) and raised in The Netherlands, Jennifer Ann has always been searching for the magical unknown. Through the art of theatre she became aware that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience on earth.

Realizing this, she started to move more and more towards different spiritual teachings. Over the past ten years she has been educating herself in Shamanism, Yoga, Buddhism and more. During her first yoga training she discovered the art of mantra singing and how sound can bring profound healing. Now she is researching and building bridges between traditional mantra music (India), western music and shamanic chants (South- and North America). With her soulful voice and blending of rhythms and instruments she is rediscovering the path of the ancestors, bringing this sacred knowledge back to life, while building new relations between eastern and western worlds.


Education & training

1997-2003           HAVO (Uden, Holland)

2005-2007           Artist MBO+ (Den Bosch, Holland)

2007-2009           Theatre Teacher HKU (Utrecht, Holland)

2010-2011           Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (Amsterdam, Holland)

2013                        Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (Budapest, Hungary)

2014                        Yoga Therapy & Pre-Post natal Training (Nashik, India)

2014                        Initiations into Buddhism

2007-2015           Shamanic teachings (USA, South America, India)

2013-2015           Academy for Pop Culture HBO (Leeuwarden, Holland)


A TED Talk that inspired Jennifer

The story of activist, poet and writer Eve Ensler (author of The Vagina Monologues).

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