Andrew Clutterbuck

Who are you and why do you do what you do? You can ask every person this question.
No big deal. But sometimes you will come across someone whose answer is so inspiring, that it becomes a story. A special one…
Coach and storyteller Andrew Clutterbuck – of Australian origin, and living in Helsinki – is such a person. Even his name raises questions and is a story in itself. He calls himself The Coach, yet he is also known as Ginger Tonic, Story Whore, Herra Hakkarainen and That Guy: a son who means well, a father in training, a husband with nine lives, and much more.
Clutterbuck started a school in one of the most desolate places in the world: at the Burning Man Festival in the middle of the Nevada desert. A school where art and education come together in many diverse ways. He produced a non-typical documentary about that. He talks about this educational project, in which the refugee crisis and developments in education also play parts, and about his studies in Creative Sustainability at the Aalto University in Finland.
Read more about Andrew here.

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