Bernard Maarsingh & Berit Ann Roos

Bernard Maarsingh & Berit Ann Roos


Bernard Maarsingh is a creative and entrepreneurial psychologist/psychotherapist, specializing in labor, organization and health care. He is also a trainer, and in fact a bit of an inventor.
Berit Ann Roos is an architect of Swiss origin, who tries to understand how people react to spaces and literally creates spaces that can contribute to human well-being. 

Maarsingh runs a large practice with several psychologists and coaches, and has a nose for innovations. Among other things he is the director of the online psychological utility program Therapy Land and the game program BcomeVital. Without bothering you with psychological jargon, we can safely say that it’s worth it to listen to this man, who is always looking for innovations in mental health care,
and finds and executes them.

He told his story together with the woman whose passion it is to literally give people space, Berit Ann Roos.

Berit Ann designs buildings, based on human values and co-creation. She creates space by offering new perspectives to people in organizations. She is constantly looking for new possibilities, goes beyond the obvious, and is open to the unexpected. So ‘creating space’ applies to Berit Ann herself as well. 
As a director of the Academy of Architecture in the city of Groningen, she translates her passion into a contribution to how architecture can bring solutions to social problems. 

Read more about Bernard here
and about Berit Ann here.

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