Herre Zonderland

Horizontal bar… Uneven bars… Do you recognize the terminology? Right. Management language. If it’s up to Herre Zonderland, that is… He sees many similarities between sports and business. Being a former top-level gymnast and a Master of International Sports Management, he makes cross connections.

The man from the Frisian city of Lemmer ended his sports career in 2009. Today, the 33-year-old Zonderland guides many businessmen and -women through the world of top sports. From the setting of goals, via dealing with set-backs, discipline and working together, to specific communications. He presented his talk on the link between daily exercise and daily office work in an energetic, inspiring and humorous way.

The more you know about how you function both physically and mentally, the easier you will be able to find the balance between working hard and recovering fast. It’s all based on the premise that you are and will remain vital, so you can deliver the right performances and reach your goals. Herre knows better than anyone how to keep his body and mind in top condition every day. “It’s the benefit of fifteen years of high level gymnastics.”
His talk went beyond sleeping well, eating healthy and getting enough exercise. How much further Herre went? Well, let’s just say that the people in the audience found out whether they were in Olympic shape or not…
Read more about Herre here.

Click here for his talk.

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