I know what you are, but what am I?

Jamila Faber

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Searching and finding depth, that is the core of her work. Singer/songwriter/poet Jamila Faber (1989) tries to find what’s under her own personal surface, and under the surfaces of other people. Searching for the depth in our society, she hopes to be able to look behind closed doors and into closed hearts. In order to find the ultimate reassurance.
Since her graduation at the Pop Academy in Leeuwarden in 2011, Jamila inspires many artists and educational projects. As a director and a writer of theater shows for example. At numerous festivals she performed her cabaret shows ‘VERS’ and ‘Luistervinkverzen’. And as one half of the currently up-and-coming cabaret duo ‘O, Kutjes’ she creates bizarre electropop: “Watch out people, you are going to get ‘a hell of a ride’!’’
Your own identity and prejudices of other people about that influence the choices you make, the skills and talents you develop, the things you do and don’t do, in short: the life you live. That’s what Faber’s TED-talk is about. Do you really have control of everything? Or do your background, your social status and other people determine your identity?
And how sharp is the boundary between your own identity and stereotypes you possess?
To find the answers to these and more questions, she takes herself as an example, musically and in stories. Listening to and seeing Jamila Faber live is intense and cool:
the naked truth.
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