Laura F. Darlington

She graduated in History in 2004 and wanted to travel the world more than anything. During her high school and bachelor studies she moved from Groningen to the US.
Later, she did an internship in Jakarta. A working life abroad was to be expected.
After an international career, hopping from job to job, Laura Darlington (1977) ‘landed’
with pleasure at the faculty of Economics & Business at the University of Groningen.
Born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in the Netherlands, she is half Dutch and half Malaysian. She married in 2009 and one year later she and her husband bought the house of their dreams. Close to her job, next to a beautiful park and near the city center. Children and pets? Who knows what the future may bring…
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) revealed itself and the symptoms worsened to such an extent that she had to scale down on her job. At the moment she works ten hours a week, mainly in the mornings. Glad that she still can work, she shares her quest as an MS patient for ‘the hero in herself’.
On the basis of her world travels and her personal, inner journey she talks about how fear got her in its grip: “The fight sometimes felt so lonely…” Will she ever accept that she’s terminally ill? She doesn’t know. She is still looking for her new identity.


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