What if they gave a war and nobody came?

Lennart Vulto & Thijs Bruinsma

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Why do we fight wars? Many people often wonder about that, as did Lennart Vulto (1997) and Thijs Bruinsma (1998). But these two students didn’t stop at asking the question.
They went looking for an answer, and they expose this social issue in a philosophical way.
As high school students Lennart and Thijs tried to answer the question by writing a joint assignment for their final exams at VWO RSG Magister Alvinus in Sneek. In doing so, the question was divided into sub-questions… ‘Why do ordinary people, in a situation of war, do terrible things they normally would never do?’ ‘How does somebody become a fighting-machine?’ ‘How manipulative are we as human beings, and to what extent can we be influenced?’ Questions that link up nicely with our TEDxFryslân theme ‘all about me’.
Their paper won the Nel Stehouwer Award for the best school assignment in Fryslân.

Read more about Lennart here, and about Thijs here.

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