Do you dare to question who you really are?

Pia Vemmelund

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Travelling is pushing back frontiers. It also gives jitters of enthusiasm and awakens natural curiosity. That leads to the discovery of new places as a source of inspiration and development. The DNA Journey of the Danish Pia Vemmelund takes us on an inner journey to find our connection to the rest of the world.
Former top-level swimmer Vemmelund has over twenty-five years of experience in the travel industry, and is in charge of the online travel and meta search website Momondo: “Everyone in the world should be able to travel, to meet other people and experience other cultures and religions. Because traveling opens your mind!”
Vemmelund invites people to participate in the DNA Journey. A journey in which you yourself don’t decide where you’re going. You leave it to your DNA. Pia’s special DNA test tells you all about your own ethnic history, and shows that you’re not just yourself, but that you consist of a lot of small parts that can be traced in other countries.

And the best is yet to come! Vemmelund takes people on an inner journey to tolerance. You have more in common with people and places in the rest of the world than you are aware of. When you know that, you’re much more open to all the differences.
Momondo builds an inspiring travel search engine on the rare combination of humanity and technology. It’s not only a matter of data, but also really bringing these data to life. Transforming them, so that insights open our eyes to new possibilities and adventures. Ultimately, the story of Pia Vemmelund is about bringing people together, exchanging new ideas and sharing unique stories.