Stefan Wobben

Leaving the world a better place. Who wouldn’t want that? Human-centered designer Stefan Wobben puts his money where his mouth is. His company Concept7 helps people to design products and services that matter. He likes working for so-called purpose driven companies and gets energy from people with ambitions that go beyond making money.
He worked as a diving instructor, in construction and sold clothes on the market.
As the founder of the start-up he turned the travel industry upside down.
Going on vacation had to be a surprise again. “Why choose a destination, when you book a holiday?” He wrote two books, ‘Zo kan het ook’ and ‘Handboek Betekenisvol Ondernemen’, in which he puts people and their added social values are at the center.
According to Wobben, added social value is the main pillar under thriving businesses.
In his opinion sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are only the beginning of what is of real and demonstrable value to the lives of customers, employees and other stakeholders. Wobben told us how the motivation of the entrepreneur as a human being is the basis for conducting business in a meaningful way. Via the insides of the company, the brand and the marketing activities, he showed us how a company can have a positive impact on society. And not without result, because the impact of added social value can be very lucrative. Welcome to the Purpose Economy!
Read more about Stefan’s Concept7 here.


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