How to marvel at our minds

Amanda de Voogd

Psychodynamic therapist, (team) coach & story teller Watch talk


Born and bred in Groningen, Amanda de Voogd nowadays lives in a Frisian village with her husband and their eleven years old son. Highly spirited, and with a compassionate driving force she assists people in loosening fixed patterns.

She always thought that respectable people are brave and strong, work hard, and don’t complain. So, she used all the will power she had in her to succeed as a project manager in advertising. But her sensible character didn’t agree with that. She lived like a zombie, and missed the person she was deep inside. Until something dramatical occurred in her life.
She decided to change the way she lived and worked, and went from lack of joy to fulfillment and connection. Quite another level of life…

Amanda is not fond of crowds, loves one on one conversations, and absorbs everything about life: human interest, philosophy and psychology. For her life is about three things:
the ultimate balance between being independent and feeling connected, marveling at growth, and taking time for all the little, precious moments.