Doing good by doing business

Machiel van Dooren

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Rethinking ‘business as usual’

Machiel van Dooren is the co-founder of the Made Blue Foundation (2014) and has previously been involved as (co-)founder of the impact ventures EsteamWork, OCO2/Climate Neutral Group and Het Kaufhaus. Machiel believes in the power of social enterprise and viable business models as drivers for change and impact.

Doing good by doing business inspires Machiel to develop new models and rethink ‘business as usual’ in various markets. As of 2014, together with his partners Frank van der Tang and Robin Pot, Machiel is working on the development and growth of the Made Blue Foundation, enabling companies to mirror their water savings with creating equal amounts of clean water in developing countries.

Nowadays, three years down the road, over fifty participating companies ensure access to over two billion liters of clean water in six counties across Africa and Asia. Within Made Blue, Machiel is currently working on increasing the initiative and developing related propositions, targeting different markets and user groups. All with one and the same goal: creating access to clean water for everybody!