How to manipulate emotions

Timon Krause

Mentalist, hypnotist & mind reader Watch talk


Born in Germany, trained in New Zealand and now based in Amsterdam, Timon Krause has already travelled every continent with his show. He studied philosophy in Amsterdam, and performing arts and cabaret at the Paul van Vliet Academy in The Hague. He is currently studying for his master’s degree in philosophy in the city of Leiden.

Timon has found the love of his life in magic. He published his first book on mindreading when he was merely sixteen years old. He is the current holder of the title ‘Best European Mentalist’, and the youngest mind reader to have been awarded this title ever.

His career so far includes several live performances on national television, theatre tours in The Netherlands, Germany, and New Zealand, competing at several championships, including the World Championships of Magic, numerous radio performances, the release of several specialist publications, and a decade of experience as a performer.

His talk deals primarily with the NLP technique called ‘Anchoring’ (a way of linking emotions and mental states to movements, places or any other physical stimulus).


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